Friday, 21 October 2011

Operation Initiate Bookworm

is well underway:

Joshua announced this morning that he would like to take some books to school to read in between the athletics carnival events so he didn’t get bored. I told him perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to take books to read on the oval and he informed me that he and his friend J read books on the oval together at lunchtime already.

More news from the campaign:

Anna and Joshua must have read close to 50 chapter books each over the holidays. I had to take the kids to the library three times for more, and they kept reading each other’s as well once they had read their own! They both love Rainbow Fairies books; Joshua also borrows non-fiction books and Anna has recently discovered the Babysitting Club and Pony Tails books. Not to mention the Go Girl and Undercover Fairy books Anna owns, which they have been re-reading since it has now been - shock, horror - seven days since they were last at the public library.

Joshua had to draw his favourite character for an art lesson on Thursday and he reported to me that although his favourite character is McGuyver (from our TV watching in the early mornings on the holidays) and his second favourite is Digit (apparently a Pokemon), he chose to draw the Diamond Fairy from the Rainbow Fairies books.

Jeff has finished The Two Towers and begun The Return of the King for our after-dinner read alouds. He hasn’t got too far into it so far, since the kids have wanted to head off to their own beds immediately after dinner to read their own books.

Abi has begun reading The Beginner’s Bible to Jeff or me in the mornings before school, and has been reading the Doc Seuss books and Endeavour Readers aloud in her free time as well.

Even Sam has been keen to be read to by whoever is willing to read their book aloud to him. Not to mention his borrowing of Joshua's Star Wars encyclopaedia that was out from the school library.

I'm off to bed to read for myself now!