Monday, 2 December 2013

The Princess and the Knight, by Samuel

Once upon a time there was a handsome knight and a golden-robed princess. The knight was in hospital after he ran into trouble, and then the princess got into more trouble while she was waiting for him to recover. This is their story.

Chapter 1: The Knight
A long, long, long, long time ago there was a handsome knight. The knight was chased by a tornado. The tornado had thunder and lightning and trees.
The knight ran away, but the tornado sucked him up.
A year later, the knight was in a hospital. He didn’t know anything. He didn’t remember anything. But he was alive.
The end of the knight’s story.
But WAIT! This is not the end of the book, there’s more! So, please turn the page.

Chapter 2: The Lost Princess
As you know, the knight was gone in the tornado for one whole year, and then he was recovering in hospital. So now, I will tell you about the princess.
A long, long, long, long time ago there was a golden-robed princess. The princess was walking by the hospital, hoping that the knight would return to full strength. She was hoping he would help her be happy, by sharing lots of good things with her.
The princess thought the knight would be out of the hospital in ten more days. She was right!
But, by the time the knight got out of the hospital, the princess had become lost. She had heard a sound, a spooky sound. The princess did what the sound told her to do: she went into the Forest of Doom. The Forest was dark with evil all the time. But the princess did not know that.
The knight did know about the evil, dark forest, but he did not know that the princess was in there. He knew that there was a curse. He also knew that the dark forest had a dark hole, dripping with evil made by the curse.

Chapter 3: The Dark Curse
Ten days later, the golden-robed princess was caught by cursed vines. They wrapped around her until she couldn’t struggle. Then the cursed vines pulled her to a cottage deep in the forest, which had also been made by the curse. The vines let the princess go when she was tied up to a stake.
There was a witch waiting in the cottage. But the princess didn’t know about the witch.
The witch came out of the cottage with four potions. She went near the princess and put three potions down. She was mixing them together. The four colours of the potions were blue, green, yellow and blood-coloured red.
The princess kicked over two of the potions on the ground.
Then the witch told her with a very, very scary voice, “Do not touch my potions again, or else I will turn you into the very creature the knight hates most to fight: the Dragon of Doom, my pet!”
The princess screamed, “Aaaaaah!”
Then the witch was angry and she said to her baby dragon, “Mingo, I want you to scare her out of the dark forest!”

Chapter 4: The Dark Hole
Mingo did one thing that the witch didn’t tell him to do. Mingo put the princess near the dark hole. The princess thought that it was very deep. She was right. Mingo had scared her like the witch said, but he had not taken her out of the forest.
Then Mingo jumped very quickly for a little dragon. He jumped to the cottage, leaving the princess by the hole. Then, the princess slipped into the dark hole.

Chapter 5: The Most Deadly Sword
The knight realised the princess was in the dark forest. He thought, “She might be in the dark hole! I hope she won’t be turned into my arch-enemy, the Dragon of Doom, by the witch.”
So he got his golden armour and his most deadly sword and his trustworthy horse. The knight went to find his lovely golden-robed princess.
The knight rode his trustworthy horse to the dark forest. He rode his horse as fast and far as it would dare. He stopped when he got to the witch’s cottage. When he got off his horse, the horse ran away to its stable, because it was frightened by the dark hole!
Then the knight kicked as hard as he could on the door of the witch’s cottage.
The witch came out very angrily and asked, “Who are you? Oh! You are my arch-enemy.”
The knight pulled his most deadly sword out from its scabbard and put its tip near the throat of the witch. But the witch disappeared from his sight, and reappeared behind his back.
Then the knight slashed his sword backwards at the witch. But every time the knight slashed his sword, the witch disappeared and reappeared somewhere else.
Mingo was watching the fight. He dashed in to hurt the knight, but the knight chopped Mingo’s head off!
Then the witch began to cry. And she didn’t disappear. The knight slashed his sword one more time. This time the witch did not disappear. The sword stabbed her in the heart, where all the dark magic came from.
The knight realised he had killed the witch, but he still had not saved his beloved golden-robed princess.

Chapter 6: The Princess and the Knight
When the knight killed the witch, all the dark magic from her evil heart became a mist that blew to the dark hole. The knight followed the cloud of dark magic.
When the knight arrived at the dark hole, he heard a tune of the princess’s lovely singing. Then he looked and saw the princess rising up out of the hole to hug him.
Everything the dark witch had done was coming undone, now that her heart had been stabbed and the dark magic had escaped.

Chapter 7: The Happy King
When the princess and the knight came back to the kingdom, the king had died. The princess was the new queen. The knight married the new queen. Then, the knight became the new king.
The knight was a very, very, very happy king. Also, he was good. Very, very good, to be precise.
And they lived happily ever after. Very happily.
The end. But wait! I want to tell you something! This story could actually be a bedtime story. Now for the proper end… this is
The End of the Book.