Monday, 30 June 2008

Weekly Reports 2008:25&26

Last week was the last week of our semester, and we only did a half week because Jeff had his last exam on Wednesday. Now we're enjoying our Winter holiday.

Ending the Term
Joshua read his way through Green Eggs and Ham, finishing it on the Wednesday. I gave up on Seven Little Australians for now, because the story is too complex for the kids at this age. We'll get back to it in a few years time, I think. The kids are still enjoying their bed-time read alouds with Jeff. Joshua and Anna finished lesson 16 and got half way through lesson 17 in their maths text.

Beginning the Holidays
I have been appreciating having Jeff here so I can take half-days out with the kids one at a time. I took Anna first, then Joshua. This week I hope to spend time one-to-one with Abigail and Samuel, but not today. Today I have three or four loads of sheet washing to do. I am trying to work out a new weekly plan for household duties, particularly cleaning, but everything else as well. The major difference is doing lots of loads of clothes only two days a week, and having Sundays off completely from washing and cleaning (well, except dishes). I am hoping we'll be able to get out to the zoo and/or aquarium this week as well. Last night we took a walk over the new bridge at the top of the freeway (where they're extending it north) to a take away store for dinner. It was probably a 6km round trip, and a great opportunity to talk with each other and the kids. We're planning a few longer family walks just around the suburbs nearby these holidays.


mom24 said...

Good progress on the J's reading! So glad that you have come to a good stopping point!
I've not had time to read your "Bible Version" posts since I'd rather not skim them. I really haven't been at my computer much since the end of school - too busy actually giving the kids more attention, I guess!
I'll try to get back over here more often though as I enjoy your posts!

Sharon said...

Hey Andrea, don't feel guilty! I have had a week off from blogging while we were away visiting family, so I've been appreciating the holidays as well. I hope you are starting to feel rested, and that your kids are enjoying themselves.
~ Sharon