Friday, 31 July 2009

Gap Tooth Grin!

At last! After four whole weeks of waiting patiently, Joshua's first wobbly tooth has finally fallen out. We were all snuggled up in the girls' room reading Anne of Green Gables when he said urgently "Mummy, there's blood in my mouth, and my wobbly tooth..." I grabbed a wipe, asked him to open his mouth, and there it was, leaning over completely.

Look at that giant gappy grin!(Don't worry, the sample container hadn't been used before.)He played around with my reading light for a while. His "poison tooth":
Jeff was out last night at the first session of a Trinity@Night short course on Revelation, with Allan Chapple, so he missed the initial excitement. I didn't breathe a word of Joshua's news when he got home, but this morning I put the music on a touch early and sent Joshua in to our room to tell - and show! - Jeff his wonderful news. Jeff was appropriately excited for our (once) little boy who is growing up so fast.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Hi Sharon!

Writing from cool that Joshua finally passed this milestone. Lane had one of his top teeth come out this a.m. "You're on the road to manhood", I told him.

I was surprised to find wi fi here at camp, and have been checking your blog. It is a bear to type anything long on tho iPod, however, and i'm clueless about texting shorthand, so this is it from me.

Mrs. Edwards said...

Lane has a message for Joshua:

That's cool! The jar looks like it is glowing from the inside!

Today I accidentally swallowed a little bit of glow-stick fluid. I had to drink a lot of water and my mouth still tingles. I have a headache, too.

How was the ambulance ride? I heard you got cut, but it must have been cool to ride in an ambulance.

Your friend,