Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Home Grown Pumpkin

I know I said I wasn't posting, but I have been taking a few photos and couldn't resist sharing. This is the giant pumpkin Jeff has been growing in our back yard. The kids cut a face in it - not that it is halloween or anything - and will be appreciating it's candle-lit magnificence tomorrow night.Notice all the boys' buzz cuts? That's another home-grown (or rather home-shorn) deal. Jeff found nits and lice in Sam and Joshua's hair yesterday, so the whole family has been either shaved or drenched in anti-lice oil (disgusting!) depending on gender and willingness to look a bit like an egg, or like someone who could more easily get work as a nightclub bouncer than a pastor!


Mrs. Edwards said...

Cute buzz cuts. It seems like this happened last year too? How frustrating! I hope the hair/scalp treatment works for you girls!

That is quite a pumpkin, by the way. Will you (did you) roast the seeds?

Sharon said...


I think all the seeds are being dried gently on our window sill so Jeff can grow another giant pumpkin or two next summer.

~ Sharon