Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My first baby is half way to getting his Learner's Permit

Provided they don't change the age requirement to greater than 16... Joshua turned 8 last weekend.We invited a family from church over for lunch which made it all seem a little more like a celebration.(Amy, please note the "dinnertime read aloud" books under the cake!)

Then the day after, I turned... well, let's just say I'm half way to being officially Old!Jeff bought me Orange Lion Tulips in memory of my awe over the beauty of God's creation in the flowers at the Bellagio flower conservatory during our driving trip across the western half of the USA last year. I love him more every time I walk past our dinner table!


Mrs. Edwards said...

Happy birthday greetings to you both! And BIG {{hugs}}.

Love those dinnertime read alouds. :) The Mary Poppins book looks beautiful, as well.

Love to all.

Mrs. Edwards said...

By the way, Toby's hat-cake did me in. I'm ready for the grocery store cake next time, or else just a plain, but tasty, cake. Both of these cakes look delish.

Andrea said...

Wow - your updated sidebar pics of the kids are great (wonderful smiles thye have)! They certainly do grow fast though, huh?? Makes me feel a bit old(er) to have a 9yo. But it's so nice to see them learn & grow also and have sch great conversations with them!
Happy Birthday Joshua!

ps. Our 5th baby (girl!) was born at home on Feb 1st (my hubbs' birthday!) weighing in at 10lbs (??kg) and 22 3/4 inches. Just wanted to let you know since I've been absent from the blogosphere for a while and don't see you on FB. Hoping to post photos of her on my blog soon....

Mrs. Edwards said...

Congratulations, Andrea! I love my fifth, also a girl, now nine months already. What a blessing. Good to hear your news.


Alison Lacey said...

Happy birthday to you and Joshua - wow 8 years old time sure does fly. I have to agree with Amy the Mary Poppins book looks great.


Jennifer Slade said...

Happy birthday! Hope you and Joshua both had great days. The flowers are gorgeous and a very special thought.
And PS - you're a long way off being old, I think we are just nearly grown up :D