Saturday, 12 March 2011

Family Adventure to Swan River near Guildford

Today we went on our first Family Adventure for 2011 since we came back from driving across the Nullabor. We took the kids for a picnic lunch this time, to a little park called Lilac Hill Park just out of Guildford, in a loop of the Swan River. There was no "hill" in sight, but we did a little bit of exploring along the river bank.
The kids had a fun time playing the the playground:
Others were enjoying the park as well.
And some inch ants!The mosquitoes were what finally drove us back to the car; but I think the kids had a great Family Adventure, even if it was a short one. And the abrupt ending was softened somewhat by a drive-by stop for ice-creams on the way home.

A special moment between Jeff and Sam:
As usual I was behind the camera so there are no photos of me. But in between taking photos and slapping mosquitos, I did manage to push the kids on the swings for a bit and explore along with everyone else. It was lovely to get out of the house with the whole family again.

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