Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter in Albany

Kojonup playground, on the way down:
Granny's and Gramps's house:
Most of the rest of these photos are from the Strawberry Jam Christian Music Festival at Albany.
On the Jumpy Castle at Strawberry Jam on Sunday. Abi (pink pants), Anna (white top, fallen down), Sam (green top behind Abi) and Josh (white top, black jeans jumping up centre back):
Article One (from Canada) - the violinist was something special!
Petra! Yaaay!Not good photos tho' just too dark by that time. They played "Gravedigger", "It is Finished!" and "Judas Kiss" among others. Listening (and singing along to) the songs again made me wish I had listened better to the lyrics the first time I heard them as a teen. I heard them - I still could sing along with them two decades later - but I never took the message in. After the set I spent some time asking God's forgiveness for my stuborness as a teen refusing to listen to the gospel message of salvation through faith in His Son, Jesus.

The girls watching Walter on Monday in the pouring rain:
Fans of Sean W Smith:No photos of Sean W Smith playing - I was too busy dancing along to his songs with the kids!

Success at goose shooting on the farm:


Mrs. Edwards said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! It was so great to see your family. I love your kids' eyes in those pictures with Sean W. Smith. They seem to stand out.

I'll be sure to show Mr. Edwards that pic of Jeff and his geese!


Sharon said...

Yeah, I did have Mr E in mind when I put the goose pics up. Jeff said he thought Mr E might think it was a bit unsporting tho', since he shot them while they were sitting on the wall on the other side of the dam.