Friday, 25 May 2012

Reflections on Old Testament Law and History #5

A final contrast is found in the centre of 1 Samuel, where three relationships with David are described. Jonathan ‘made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself’ (1 Sam. 18:3). Michal ‘was in love with David’ (1 Sam. 18:20) and was given to him in the covenant of marriage (1 Sam. 18:27), but later despised David and bore him no children (2 Sam. 6:16,23). Sandwiched between is Saul, who is so angry at and jealous of David that he tries to kill him twice (1 Sam. 18:9-11).

Though these three relationships were all historical, metaphorically they illustrate three ways of relating to God’s ultimate king, Jesus. Saul may be interpreted as a metaphor for the new atheists and others who seem angry and afraid of Jesus while claiming to be the ones with knowledge (in Saul’s case, power). Michal may be understood as a metaphor for people who have a formal connection to the church but no long lasting love for Jesus.

I considered: how am I like Jonathan in my relationship with King Jesus? Just as Jonathan surrendered to David his robe and tunic, sword and bow (1 Sam. 18:4), I have recently had to mentally hand over to God my human means of providing for myself, trusting him to provide my husband with a new job in another pastorate. These months of unemployment have been a period of considerable uncertainty for our family, but I made a commitment to trust Jesus in this situation. By God’s grace and with the encouragement of Jonathan’s example, my faith has not wavered.

My brain appreciates patterns, so God caught my attention with these and other incidents, allowing me the opportunity to reflect upon their application for my life. It has been a worthwhile exercise.

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Meredith said...

I was wondering how thinga hvae been going. Reading this post tells me some of the news, and your new profile a bit more of the story. Glad to hear there is something in the pipeline. And thankful to God that He has been at work in and through you, keeping you strong and faithful during this time.