Saturday, 11 August 2012

Motor Cross

We went to the local open day for the new Motor Cross today.

Jeff and I, at least, thought it was a great day. Abigail enjoyed the chance to play with some friends from school in the trees beside the track. Samuel talked to everyone who would listen about his present favourite computer game, Plants vs Zombies.

Joshua borrowed a helmet from friends from church, before both he and Anna went for a ride around the rear of the official track, on the back of another friend's bike.

Anna loved her ride:

Joshua was not quite so sure after all the speedy turns:

Joshua observed: "I think the difference here in the country is that in the city people like to do more indoor things like play computer games and here in the country people like to do more outdoor stuff like ride motorbikes. I think I'm more of an indoor person." I hope he'll adjust!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Joshua's observation made me chuckle. So cute.