Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Morning Play

Anna and Abigail have recently decided to play at being vampires. Not sure what brought this on... other than the whole Twilight craze in general! Of course, being little girls, they play at being vampire mummies with little vampire (American Girl) dolls who need to be taught not to be afraid so they don't accidentally turn into bats. And need to be taught all sorts of schoolish things as well.
I thought I'd help them out a bit with their vampire poses, so I gave them some "Vampire Juice" to try:
This was the result:
For those who are wondering, Vampire Juice is made from the "blood" of:
3 oranges,
1 (organic) lemon and
1 (fresh from the backyard) beetroot.

 Meanwhile, the boys were busy playing Ninjajo Snakelords versus Power Miners:
For once, it was one-on-one battles, so both boys were ensured of a "fair" outcome. This is the happiest Lego play I have seen the boys engaged in together in a long time.
After observing them playing so well together, I almost didn't like to tell them to get ready for church.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

Your kids are growing up! Such an obvious thing and yet so striking in these pictures. They look beautiful and handsome and strong.