Monday, 7 January 2013

One week into the New Year

And I'm ready to reveal my New Year's Resolutions for 2013. Because so far, they're going well!

This year, in order to build momentum, I actually began working on some of my NYRs back in December. So the following list isn't one of priorities, it's the order I began implementing my 2013 New Year's Resolutions.

1. Discipline my children with no emotion and no talking, using the 1-2-3 Magic method.
Frankly, I get far too emotionally involved when my kids disobey. I need to learn not to get angry or aggro with my kids when I am disappointed or frustrated by what they do. I've read dozens of parenting books, both Christian and secular, and this is the only one that has really helped me to control myself before I seek to exert control over my children. It's really helping me to be self-disciplined as well as be my children's disciplinarian. I heartily recommend it to others. (Oh, and yes, my kids are behaving much better and responding much more quickly and meekly to our directions, since Jeff and I started using the method back at the beginning of December 2012.)

2. Fall more in love with Jesus, by reading my Bible every day and blogging about it at Following the Star.

I can read the Bible all I like, but if I want to understand what I read and apply it to my life, I need to write about what I read. For seven years, BSF helped me with my Bible study, and my faith grew exponentially. Since the middle of 2011 I have been unable to attend BSF for various reasons (most recently our move 350km from the nearest class) so I have been using a variety of Small Group Bible Study question booklets to keep me on track. I've been journalling my Bible studies in a small notebook that also contains my notes from sermons. But I have found that without the external motivation of having to share what I have learned with others (my BSF small group) I have been haphazard in my efforts and easily distracted by other studies such as my GradDipDiv which has since been limited to a GradCertDiv (and I graduate on Feb 25). So, beginning Boxing Day 2012 I have gone back to blogging at Following the Star, and announced my intentions here, on fb, and via email to my three best friends who keep me accountable in lots of things. So far, I've only missed one Sunday.

3. Make healthy eating choices today, so I can be healthy tomorrow, starting with juicing through January.
My favourite juice: Green Chinese
Jeff and I have begun juicing again. I juiced for a month in June/July 2012 and lost 10kg but after a very - shall we say "comfortable" - six months settling into our new home in the country, I had put all that weight back on and then a little bit more. Jeff has had a similar experience. Part of our problem is that if just one of us is making good choices, the other often undermines them by bringing home bad foods and drinks. So this January we're both on the same page, determined to juice through January (and perhaps beyond) reboot-style.
Our fridge full of healthy choice food
So far I've lost 2.5kg.

4. Move more today, so I can move well tomorrow, starting with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD in January.
I have a collection of Jillian's DVDs and have used several. Some I haven't yet felt brave (or fit) enough to try. 30 Day Shred is my favourite so far. There are three levels of 22 minute workouts to be done in my own home with no more equipment than a TV and DVD player, sneakers, an exercise mat, and a small set of hand weights. All of which I have. So I have no excuses! I'm hoping that after doing these workouts consistently in January, I might be able to tackle some of Jillian's longer workout DVDs that are still shrink-wrapped in my DVD cupboard.
I've also enrolled in the WA Dept of Education VacSwim program, to do my Bronze Medallion course.  It's all about water safety and preparing for the moment I hope I never have to face: when someone I love is in danger in the water. So I'm in the pool swimming each day along with my kids as they work on achieving their VacSwim levels.

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