Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Five holidays in one

Over the last two weeks Jeff and I have enjoyed five mini-holidays:

1. We had a friend Ros come to visit.

2. Jeff took the kids to Granny & Gramps's farm while I went to Perth for a weekend to scrapbook.

3. We met up in Perth and drove to Southern Cross for a holiday staying three nights with another friend, Naomi. While there, we explored the site where gold was first found in WA.

And clambered all over Baladjie Rock.

On the way back we stopped off at Merredin to visit the historical water tower.

4. After a brief spell at home for a sleepover birthday party for Anna,

we drove via the Tin Horse Highway

to Wave Rock and Hyden.

"Where a man can see for miles
Still get lost, still be free.
At home in the bush
Where the heart wants to be."

Then it was on to Kalgoorlie for another three-night holiday, this time with my brother and his family.

We returned home via Perth again, this time spending a night in a caravan park where Granny and Gramps were also, purely by coincidence, staying.

5. We had more friends visit, Tim & Helen and their baby Nathanael, so their music team could bless our church with a Sunday morning special.

Now we are back home, without visitors, and the kids are back at school. Loving life.


Mrs. Edwards said...

I miss you, Sharon! I need to write a proper letter! It is so great to see these pictures. You have had some nice trips. The tin horse highway reminds me of those Cadillacs you found half-buried in the ground somewhere.

Sharon said...

I miss you too, Amy. I have been terrible about writing emails lately. (Not to mention blog posts.) I really, really hope to write this week, now the kids are in school and we are settling back down to term-time routine, although that has some big changes in the mix that I'll let you know about.

The cadillac farm was in Texas. There are quite a few of these sculpture streets in Australia, a way of attracting tourists past your particular bit of the back of beyond. Mum & Dad drove along one in Victoria on a recent holiday. The Tin Horse Highway is on the road to Wave Rock, which itself is a fairly big tourist attraction. But the THH is centred on Kulin, a town of perhaps about a thousand people (so, bigger than here!) which is a long way from anywhere. The THH leads to the "race track" where the Kulin Races are held annually, so the theme works to advertise the races as well as encourage people to stop in Kulin on their way to Wave Rock.