Thursday, 10 April 2014

Book review: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

I chose to read Gregor the Overlander because it is written by the author of The Hunger Games but is written for younger kids like me. I enjoyed reading this book because at every twist and turn of the book something unexpected happened. It was also very funny in places.

Gregor lives in a New York apartment building, where he discovers a way to go underground, to the Underland. There he finds a hidden city, meets a princess, and goes on adventures with a giant rat, a giant bat, a giant cockroach and his little sister Boots.

I recommend this book to people who like to read about adventures, strange lands, prophecies, wars and dangerous quests. Gregor the Overlander is available from our school library. There are four more books that continue the stories of Gregor’s adventures. These may be borrowed as ebooks from the State Library of WA.

Reviewed by Anna, age 9.

(Anna wrote this for the school newsletter at the suggestion of our school librarian.)

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