Friday, 7 August 2009


I just had a moment. I was sitting in the lounge room, waiting for Samuel to finish his lunch.

All of a sudden, I realised Sam was quietly singing. And it wasn't "Wee Willie Winkie" or "Three Blind Mice", his current favourites.

My two and a half year old son was singing "Amazing Grace"!

He was on to the second verse before he lost track of the words.


Meredith said...

That is really beautiful. Praise God. It is wonderful to hear our children singing great hymns and songs - because words memorised through song are often the words that stick the best for the whole of life.

I am sure you must be smiling.

Mrs. Edwards said...

This is wonderful. I love it.

Mrs. Edwards said...

Just noticing the Anne quotes on your sidebar...I always felt such a close connection with Anne, from her wild imagination to her red hair. Hmm. What's with all the red hair stigma though? Bad temper? Bad behavior? All because my hair is red? I bristle at the thought!

Sharon said...


You have to remember when the books were written. They probably had big stereotypes about left-handed people as well. Better for everyone to assume that you will have a bad temper than that you are controlled by the devil!

Did you even get much teasing for your red hair when you were a child? I grew up wishing I had red hair, thinking that it was lovely on girls and women. Although, on men red hair has always seemed a little bit odd to me; I have no idea why.

~ Sharon

Mrs. Edwards said...

Agh! I'm feeling worse, not better! (Hear the smile in my voice!)

I am left handed, too! Red-headed and left-handed!

There was a boy in sixth grade who called me Cyndi Lauper (remember her hair?). Being pretty sheltered from the Top-40 music scene in those days, I felt very nervous and insulted. But that was pretty much the worst of it. (Funny story: as a young twenty-something I wound up in the ER in the middle of the night, quite sick with fever. I was in my hometown, back from college. The boy that called me Cyndi Lauper, that I hadn't seen in years, entered my curtained area, appeared in my view above my head, and told me he was there to insert a catheter. Then he said, "Hey, you're Amy! I remember you from junior high!")

Also, I'm not comforted by your remark about boys. This is just what I always thought, as well. I had a love-hate relationship with red hair, but always thought it was god for girls and never cared for it on boys. Now my daughters have no sign of red and both my sons do! However, they are the cutest boys I know (at least on this continent!).

Mrs. Edwards said...

That should read "...good for girls" not "god". Missed it on the preview!

Sharon said...

Oh you poor thing! I feel for your pain, on so many levels!

~ Sharon