Friday, 28 August 2009

The Kids

(Mum, these are especially for you, with my compliments. The photos in this post, unlike the others, are not reduced in size. Just click on a photo to see it full size.)


charmedwishes said...
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argsmommy said...

They are all darling pictures of beautiful children. I love the shirts too!

Meredith said...

I love your school uniform! Beautiful. And I had to laugh because just before looking at this I filled in the form for school photo day next week at R's school! It must be the season for school photos.

God bless.

Mrs. Edwards said...

I like the shirts, too. I noticed that your logo changes from green to blue (I'm not sure when, however). The blue looks nice.

God's blessings are so deep. What a gift it is that he designed motherhood! I love your kids, Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sharon, Sam is so big. Love the shirts. Your kids are gorgeous!!!


Sharon said...


It was school photo day the week before last at Joshua's school. Of course, he was at home sick that whole week, but apparently he wasn't the only one who would be absent from the class photos this year for that reason. The lady in the office said they might need to start taking the photos in the summer instead, so they can avoid the typical flu season photo that only has half the students.

The change from green to blue was only done in the last week, although I have been planning it for ages. Joshua picked the green last year and I was never completely happy with it, but then it was his homeschool logo, so that was his choice. Using white t-shirts has made it a lot easier to read our motto at the bottom of the t-shirts as well, not that you can really see that in the photos.

And I just realised, although everyone else is changing their expression for each of these four photos, Samuel seems to have the same open mouthed "What is going on here?" look on his face in all of them. At least Joshua knew how to smile for the camera!

~ Sharon