Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Blind Side

Jeff and I went to see The Blind Side yesterday. It is the first Sandra Bullock movie I have ever really enjoyed, and walked away from feeling happy, rather than frustrated.Based on true events, The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher, aka Big Mike, a homeless (black) teenager who is offered a couch to sleep on one night by the (Christian, white, and Rich with a capital R) Tuohy family, and gradually finds a place in their home and hearts - and they in his - before finding his place in the world of American football as well.

I like this movie because it shows how the Christian ethic of "loving your neighbour" on a person-to-person level does as much good for the "helper" as for those "helped". It is a very different situation to that of mass-market financial giving for a cause or a crisis, because while this giving is important and even vital in the lives of the recipients of the help, they have a minimal influence on the life of the person who offers the help. In The Blind Side, we see that helping someone directly can lead to a new understanding of love in the life of the loving helper, as well as in the life of the beloved who is helped.

My favourite quote, Mr Sean Tuohy to his wife, Leigh Anne:
"Who ever knew we'd have a black son before we'd know a Democrat?"

Who have you helped lately?


Alison Lacey said...

Like you Sharon, I have never particularly enjoyed a Sandra Bullock movie but had been asking around about this movie - not many in the office had seen because of Sandra. But the next time near a cinema will check it out.

Mrs. Edwards said...

We tried to go see this movie twice, but the showtimes didn't work out with our dinner and/or getting home in time to relieve my in-laws. I still want to see it! We may have to settle for the DVD.

I noticed you're reading Dawn Treader and have finished several of the other Narnia books. What fun. We pulled out all our Narnia audiobooks again recently, as well. Did your kids like Five Children and It? How about A Wrinkle in Time? My kids haven't encountered a Wrinkle yet.

Hope started reading The Hobbit last week, but didn't stick with it. I think she was a little young for it, but thought she might like it. Rather than push it, I've let her cast it aside until a later, better time.

Mrs. Edwards said...

Over a month later from this post, we finally watched the movie. It was very good and enjoyable!

My only criticism isn't against the film per se, but against our culture, which was brought out in the film. Why is it that women are valued for their "strength" to the point that husbands are practically an after thought? I know that I am a "strong" woman and cringe to realize how easily I can be domineering, especially since my husband is so easy-going. I thought it sad that a supposedly Christian family would be so lopsided in their marriage and family life (at least according to the film). It seems we are always right back in Genesis 3!