Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Lego Poem

For my sons, Joshua and Samuel.

There was a little Rock Monster
Way down in a mine,
He went for a walk one day
Some crystals to find.

But instead of some crystals,
The Rock Monster found:
A Power Miner digging
Deep down in the ground.

The Power Miner gasped
“You gave me a scare!”
The Rock Monster told him
“I just hoped you’d share.”

The Power Miner thought
“I know I should be kind.
And I have extra crystals
So I really don’t mind.”

The Rock Monster said politely,
“Thank you very much.”
Then he took the crystals home
And ate them for lunch!

Mm-mm. Tasty!

by Sharon Jackson, 2010


Mrs. Edwards said...

I can't wait to read this to Lane!

Mrs. Edwards said...

I read this to Lane and he smiled, then said, "Could you print that out and I'll go draw it!" I obliged, pasting the words into a blank document to give him plenty of space. He is now working on illustrating the poem! :) Thanks so much for posting this!

Meredith said...

That's great. R really enjoyed it too. I liked the "Mm-mmm...tasty!" bit at the end. Great idea to print it off and illustrate it. I think we will do that this weekend!!

Sharon said...

Joshua loved reading it when he came home from school. Now Anna wants me to write a poem about fairies.