Friday, 12 March 2010

"Diagram of a Baden" (aka Bayden)

By Joshua, in the half hour before lights out at bedtime:His spelling may be appalling and he may frequently get letters around the wrong way, but I'm impressed Joshua can write this much in half an hour after a long, hard, hot day at school. And I am impressed that he can spell "diagram" correctly, even if he can't spell "with".

Translation, for those who cannot decode Joshua's spelling:
"Diagram of a Baden.
A Bayden is a human eater.
Its favourite food is a monster.
The eye is a light and a thing
that is an thing that it can
see with. The bag has every
weapon in the whole wide world.
It is very strong.

Labels, clockwise around figure:
Eye which is a light
Weapon bag

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Mrs. Edwards said...

This is just the sort of thing that Lane loves to sit around and do. It is so precious to see Joshua applying what he is learning, effortlessly, into his pleasure time! As I type this, Lane is making a book called, "The Utility Book for Boys." He tells me that it will have directions in it for building a house out of sticks---something he likes to do in the backyard!