Monday, 29 March 2010

USA Holiday Itinerary

Just the basics of our plans...

Fly in to Los Angeles
Death Valley
Las Vegas
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon
Navajo National Monument
Monument Valley
Santa Fe
Dodge City
Kansas City
More Wichita
Salt Lake City
Olympic National Park (yes, including Forks)
Fort Vancouver
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Fly home from Los Angeles

Only a week to go before we fly out now. One suitcase is packed already. We are definitely counting down.


argsmommy said...


Third Beach at Olympic National Park is fantastic! I've been there twice, and there are starfish and sea anemone everywhere. The park will have tide maps to help you figure out when to visit.

I'm so excited for you and can't wait to meet you and Amy!

Meredith said...

It is all sounding REALLY fantastic. The book list too. Hope this last week of preparations goes well and smoothly.

Andrea said... seem to have forgotten Lancaster, Pennsylvania in your plans!! ;-)
Sounds like you have a ton of fun ahead of you! Enjoy Shepherding A Child's Heart - it's one of my favorites!

Sharon said...

Sorry Andrea, that's just too far east for us. As it is we're planning on driving around 1000 miles for every week of our holiday! But nothing is stopping you from meeting Kellie, Amy and I at Kansas City on Tuesday, 20 April. Think you can make it?

Sharon said...

Thanks for the link Kellie! It is very helpful, I had forgotten about the national parks sites online at, since I did our original research for the holiday. There is heaps of really helpful stuff there.