Monday, 21 June 2010

Family Fun

Last week we had Jeff's brother Andrew and his son, our nephew Jonathan over to stay. We took them to dinner with Jeff and Andrew's cousins, and all their kids. Unfortunately, two second cousins had left by the time we thought to get some photos taken. But here's two of the best. It was very, very hard to get them all to sit still.

Then last weekend, we celebrated my Mum & Dad's 40th wedding anniversary with a family lunch including Mum, Dad, and everyone descended from them.Back row, L-R: Carla, Daryl with Stephen, Mum, Dad, me, Jeff, Michael.
Front row, L-R: Rebecca, Lisa, Abigail, Joshua, Samuel, Anna.

The group included Stephen, who was born on Friday just in time to join in the celebrations.

We had our Family Adventure one day late this weekend, with a fun time at Faulkner Park, a large playground not too far SOR.

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Meredith said...

So nice to see your photos. Been wondering how you were going. I hear you were home alone last week too! And from this post it seems you have been busy. But all looking good.

We love that park. We call it the Volcano Park (for fairly obvious reasons). We used to live very near by so would go there often.

And I laughed at the SOR comment, which I am assuming means, take a deep breath, SOUTH OF THE RIVER!!!
It's not so bad, you know. :-)

God bless. Hope you are well.