Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mrs Peters' birthday cake

The Seven Silly Eaters enjoyed Mrs Peters' birthday cake very much.So did our four, plus the T family six, plus another friend, L, today for lunch. That made eleven silly eaters!If you'd like to taste the cake, the author's recipe is here. I can happily report that it is very easy to make, even when one has to convert measurements to metric. (For those who would like a helping hand, 1/2pnd of butter is roughly 225g, and 325F is approximately 160C.) I hope you enjoy Mrs Peters' cake, as we did!


Kellie said...

How fun! I can't wait to try it with my family. We're having to do a rotation diet with my son right now, but as soon as we're done with that we're going to try Mrs. Peters' birthday cake.

Sharon said...

There's always something. Even if there isn't anything else likely to cause bad reactions, the red food dye might be a big problem, I imagine. But it would taste fine without it. You'd just either have to do without it being pink, or find some other way to colour it. But I imagine you are already familiar with that sort of problem, Kellie, if food is one of your son's triggers.

Thanks again for the book!

~ Sharon

Mrs. Edwards said...

This is something my kids can't wait to do!

When I look at the top picture of you reading, I can hear it in my mind. So cool.

Kellie-this is a great book. Thank you so much. My kids love it.