Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Seven Silly Eaters read by Grandad

While I was in the USA, I caught up with Kellie "argsmommy" from Blue House Academy. (Amy took me and her kids to meet Kellie. Amy blogged about the meeting here. Kellie blogged about it, with far more artistic photos than Amy or I took, here.)

Kellie very kindly gave me a present for my whole family: a copy of her family's favourite book, Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman, illustrated by Marla Frazee.
Thanks very much, Kellie. My kids all like this very funny story of a family who all want to eat different foods, but end up finding one food that they can all enjoy.This morning I read it to Abi and Sam, and then when Sam was down for his afternoon nap, Abi asked Grandad to read it to her again. I love the benefits of having grandparents over to visit!

Isn't that last photo a corker?

Now, we just need to try the recipe!


argsmommy said...

I'm so glad the kids like the book! My husband and I can recite almost the entire story by memory, we've read it so many times. But I did not know there was a recipe!!! I can't believe I never thought to look it up! The kids are going to be so excited when they find out.

I love the pictures of Abi reading with her grandad. So sweet.

Alison Lacey said...

Great photos, reminds me that I should take some when home (in June) with mum & the girls. Lovely to see Abi had such a lovely birthday and what a great new bike.