Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Abigail turns 5

We celebrated Abi turning five on Sunday. On Tuesday, her real birthday, she received our family's traditional 5th birthday gift: a brand new bike.

Being 5 comes with quite a few privileges in our family. Abi can now use a metal knife as well as an adult sized fork, and she can also play with the little Lego in the small games room. The only problem with the last privilege is that our Small Games Room is now our Guest Room. So Abi enjoyed building her Lego gift in the lounge room instead.

Appreciating the cake:
Enjoying the cake:
A new present:
Riding her brand new bike, wearing brand new clothes, with a brand new handbag:


Mrs. Edwards said...

Happy Birthday, Abigail! Your new bike is really beautiful! Five sounds like a big year in your family with new privileges AND responsibility! Enjoy!

Sharon said...

From Abi:
Dear Mrs Edwards,
Thank you for saying "Happy Birthday". And thank you for making a lovely compliment. It's so wonderful that I am at 5.
Love from Abi xxoo

argsmommy said...

She looks like she had a wonderful birthday. I love her smile. : )