Sunday, 23 May 2010

Family Adventure #2 Swan View Tunnel

After last weekend's Family Adventure #1, we decided not to climb another hill but to go through a hill this time!It was just as well that we chose to explore a bush trail that went through an old railway tunnel, since it was a very wet day, and we needed to be kept out of the rain. The kids loved the opportunity to get their raincoats out of the cupboard. Unfortunately we didn't think of getting their rainboots as well... but next time we will not forget.

Though the sky was grey, the scenery was lovely. The Swan View Tunnel is on the Railway Heritage Trail, in John Forrest National Park, in the hills to the east of the city, inland from where we live. Completely the opposite direction of last week's trip.
The kids had lots of fun clambering over the rocks at the side of the path.And I even managed to climb a rock of two myself.
There were lots of opportunities for photos.I think they turned out well despite the fact that we were only using Jeff's iPhone, since I had forgotten to bring the new camera.


Mrs. Edwards said...

What fun! I think the seven Edwards (okay, maybe just six of us) would have loved going along on that outing. The railway tunnel looks like it is straight out of "The Railway Children"!

It sounds like you are becoming more purposeful about getting out and about in your own amazing homeland there. Has absence (from Perth) made the heart grow fonder?

Sharon said...

Well, I don't know that the heart has grown fonder. We just decided that there was no point saving up to see as much of Europe (in a decade or so's time) as we just saw of the USA, if we don't along the way see some of our own homeland! And also inspire an interest in the world around us in our children, so they'll be interested in trailing through Europe with us as teenagers. That's the plan, anyway.
~ Sharon