Saturday, 29 May 2010

Family Adventure #3 Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary

Jeff was sick in bed this morning, but I was determined the kids would not miss out on our weekly Family Adventure. This time, rather than going up a hill or through a hill, we stuck with the low lying areas. We visited a bird sanctuary very near to the Swan River.

We mostly saw ducks on the water.Near the car park we saw a heron and an ibis.- I think! My parents would be able to identify these birds, I am sure.

We enjoyed following the path around the wetlands and the kids liked exploring the surrounding bush, although large portions were off-limits to exploring adventurers, to protect the birds and their homes.

We stopped to take some family photos. I got a few very nice pics of Joshua, who hasn't been one for posing much recently. We admired scenery.The Autumn (Fall) colours reminded me that it is Spring for my friends in the USA, and you won't see colours like these for another six months.All in all, it was a delightful way to spend a few hours on a Saturday.


Mrs. Edwards said...

That looks like fun. Sorry to hear that Jeff is sick.

We're off to Topeka today for a family reunion picnic. We also plan to go to cemeteries (it is Memorial Day weekend here) and look for family gravesites. We were going to do the lake on Monday, but Mr. E. has to work and my aunt is having surgery (so my folks are unavailable).

Take care!

Sharon said...

How old are these "family gravesites" that you went looking for? From your phrasing it sounds like they are so old your family doesn't know where they are. That's pretty old! I hope the family trip went well, though with your aunt sick it obviously was not all roses.

Jeff is better. It was just a 24hr thing like he gets periodically. He was able to preach on Sunday fine after spending much of Saturday in bed resting.

~ Sharon

Mrs. Edwards said...

We "found" my grandparents, my grandmothers siblings (there were five plus some spouses), an aunt, an uncle, two sets of great-grandparents, and a couple of great-uncles and great-aunts.

Until I wrote it out just now I didn't realize how many we visited.

It is partially true that we didn't know where the graves were. We knew the cemeteries to go to and we definitely remembered where to find my grandparents' (my dad's parents') grave. It has been so long since we went to the others (we don't live in that town anymore) that we needed the help of my dad's sister, who lives in Topeka, to find the others.

Sharon said...

Wow! That's a lot of family! It makes sense that you might not know about extended family like cousins. To tell the truth, I am not sure where my maternal grandfather is buried (only the city), although I know my paternal grandfather had his ashes scattered over a golf course! Hmm. Food for thought, that one.

~ Sharon