Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another Family Adventure

I started posting a while back about our Family Adventures. In the depths of winter, we came down with a few colds and such, so didn't manage to keep up with it.

But for the last Saturday in winter, we went to a nearby church's Kids' Fair. The church ran it as an outreach event to the local families. I attend this church for evening services while our church doesn't have them and I am out the back with the Children's Church every Sunday.

We got photos of Sam and Abi having fun, but Josh and Anna were having far too much fun to be caught on camera. They found several friends from school (Emily, Lauren, Luke and Sean) and enjoyed the jumpy castle, popcorn, fairy floss, the puppet show, modelling with clay and model racing car track while Jeff and I followed Abi and Sam from one activity to another.

Abi enjoying her hotdog:
Sam loved painting with brushes and sponge stamps:
Abi had her face painted and then rode a pony:
Sam was able to ride the pony as well:
It was a wonderful day together, and I'm glad we are back into our Family Adventures.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

It is good to see that you are enjoying some better weather and can think about adventuring again. Our weather has cooled off (now just highs of 90 rather than 110), finally, after a brutally hot August and July. We're heading to the lake Sunday to celebrate Mr. E's birthday. Because of either Lydia, schedules, or weather we have not had the boat out since you were here. It has just been a bust of a summer for boating.

Next year, when Lydia is sturdier for spending an afternoon in the heat, we'll have more fun I think.

It is good to see Abi and Sam in the photos. I winced a little for you to realize that your big kids are already running off on their own for events like these. Mine do that too, of course, which leaves me feeling (all at the same time) relieved, proud, sad, concerned, and wondering what they're doing.