Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Peter and the Wolf

Grandma and Grandad visited last week for a few days before setting off on a month long cruise. While they were here they entertained the kids with a CD of Dame Edna telling the story of Peter and the Wolf, complete with the orchestral score. They had quite a bit of discussion about what the different parts of the music represented, and how the speed, volume and other characteristics of the music helped us to imagine what is happening in the story.

This morning, Abi asked if she could make a book, (5 sheets of folded A4 paper, bound with string):Once we had made the book she decided she would write the story of Peter and the Wolf. I promptly opened Word and transcribed her narration:

Peter went into the thicket. You shouldn’t go into the thicket because a wolf or a fox might eat you. There was a wolf in the thicket. But just in time, Peter’s grandpa realised that Peter should not have gone into the thicket because there could be a wolf. So Peter’s Grandpa rushed outside because he knew there was a wolf going to come. So he got Peter before the wolf came.

After they were inside, Peter saw the wolf and decided to save the cat, because the wolf had eaten the ducky.

But bad hunters came. Not to kill the little boy, but to kill the wolf. They tried to kill the wolf, but the little boy called Peter told the hunters to not kill the wolf but take him to the theatre show, to sell him for lots of pieces of gold. Golden gold!

Before the hunters could find the wolf, Peter got a good idea. He told the birdie to fly around the wolf’s head so that Peter could tie the wolf’s tail to the tree. After the hunters came, they told him to untie it and hold the string. But Peter said “No, don’t kill him. Take him to a theatre.” So that is what they did.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Great job! Our kids love Peter and the Wolf! We have a cd narrated by Leonard Bernstein. I haven't heard Dame Edna, but our ending is a bit different, involving the zoo I think.

Sharon said...


Dame Edna Everage is an Australian "personality". You can read her official website biography here: and a gallery of pictures is here:

Umm... did I mention she is the first man in drag ever to make it famous? (Well, to my knowledge, anyway.) She is a character created and played by Barry Humphries, an Australian comedian. Since she's been around forever (well, at least since I was a kid) I have no idea if there is any sexuality issues at play - men in drag is a common thing at, for example, community talent shows, here in Australia. We Aussies have a quirky sense of humour that has nothing to do with so-called gay pride.