Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our New Footpath

Samuel says:

We have a new footpath. The workmen made the footpath. We asked them to have morning tea with us to say "Thank you for our new footpath." Their names are Joe and John. Joe lives down our street. The workmen were very happy that we said "Thank you".

The workman said "You can stick your hands into it and make a mark in it, or you can write your name. It will stick in it all the days and last forever." We drawed my name on it. Then I pressed my hands in the wet concrete. It felt like hard stone.

Now we can ride our bikes on it and ride our scooters on it. We will be safe from the cars that drive down our street. We are happy with the footpath.

xxoo Sam


Mrs. Edwards said...

Love it.
Lane asked tonight when we were going to see the J--'s.

I wish I could say, "How about next month?"

Miss you.

Sharon said...

I wish that too!