Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bed Time Read Aloud

Jeff has finished reading The Hobbit, so we were faced with the decision of what to read next. Rather fortuitously, I accidentally wandered into a bookstore with Samuel yesterday, and found The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi. And bought it. And brought it home.

Anna has read a few Tashi stories as take-home readers from school, but I wasn't sure if Joshua would be very interested. The Great Big Enormous Book has 988 pages, which by anyone's measure is a little intimidating. Not Joshua and Anna's apparently. Currently, the bookmark rests at page 279, and that's only because Joshua was forced to put the book down to eat his dinner.

And the even better news is this: Joshua and Anna have agreed to take turns taking over the After Dinner Read Aloud session. This evening Joshua read the first Tashi aloud to Anna, Abigail, Samuel and I. He was marvellous!


Mrs. Edwards said...

I had to look up that book, but it sounds very fun! It shows up on our Amazon as The Big, Big, Big Book of Tashi.

Hey, off topic but your hair has really grown long. It looks nice! I like it.


Sharon said...

Australian author!

I started growing my hair when I got back from the States. It's long enough to wear up now. The girls are happy because "girls have long hair, Mummy!"


Meredith said...

Speaking of books I have just tagged you in a "Five books that have changed your life" meme. Would look forward to seeing what you come up with if you have a moment.
Hope you are well.

Sharon said...

Thanks Meredith, I saw that on another blog and thought it would be fun, and was hoping that somehow it would get to me. So I will be very glad to do it!

Yes, we are well.