Monday, 25 July 2011

Anna the Author

Anna has written a fairy tale during her holidays. She has occasionally asked me for help in spelling certain words, but by working steadily, she has written her own story. She tells me the names of her heroine and hero come from her favourite Pokemon names, one of hem modified slightly. Below I have transcribed her story as she has written it; she wrote 3 1/4 notebook pages in a faint grey pencil which doesn't scan well.
The Race
Once upon a time there lived the kindest princess her name was Roselia Roseade. She was so beautiful that every one loved her and asked her if she would mary them, but every time she would answer no. One day a prince came and his name was Alfa he was verey rick [rich] and soon fell in love with Roselia Roseade, but she said no to him like the she said to the others. One day the prince Alfa asked Roselia Roseade to have a race with her the next week. Roselia was surprised that he asked her to race because everyone knew that she was the fast in the world she was the fastest girl she was the faster then any boy so why would anyone want to race her? So Roselia agryed to take on the race so she and the prince practiced and practiced for the race. On the day before the race the prince went to a place and asked someone for something to win the race with. So the person gave the prince three golden apples. On the day of the race when the race stated Roselia zoomed away and left Alfa at the start line but Alfa rolled a golden apple in frunt of Roselia Roseade so that she picked it up so the prince ran on in frunt but the princess soon got up and realised that she had been left behined so she started the race again, but the prince again rolled a golden apple in frunt of Roselia and again she picked it up and the prince ran on ahed but the princess got up and ran but the prince rolled the last golden apple. The princess triped over the golden apple and fell over. Some people came and took care of her but she said she was fine. Roselia was angry at the prince for rolling the apple so she picked up the apple and rolled it in frunt of the prince so he picked up the golden apple and ran but the apple was hevey so he could not run very fast. Roselia won the race and the next second the prince came so the princess said since you were close second I will marry you and they all lived happly every after.

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