Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lego Star Wars

Jeff has been busy spending all our life savings (well - almost) on Star Wars Lego. Very little of this was bought new. Most of it came via eBay, saving us money and allowing Samuel to obtain the Storm Troopers that he earnestly desired. Jeff, Joshua and Samuel have a bit more to build from the last eBay package, but Joshua invited us to a Star Wars "movie" this morning, so I took some photos.This is the Small Games Room (ie, the room for games with small pieces, which almost exclusively means Lego). Occasionally, the Lego has to be packed away so the SGR can become the Guest Bedroom. But in the meantime, the addition of a slab of MDF painted green makes the bed a perfect platform for wars between the Seperatists's droids and the Republic's Jedi and clones.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Oh my, Lane will be envious of this. Lydia is officially in the fray, wreaking havoc on my boys' creations.

Toby has his eye on a Star Wars set that he wants mostly because of the people that come with it. I hadn't really thought of eBay, but indeed, it can be very easy to get carried away with Legos.

By the way, I think it is interesting that we Americans say "Legos" and you seem to always say "Lego," and yet we say "math" and you say "maths." Not that Lego and math should be similar, just a random observation.

Sharon said...

I know what you mean about Lydia. Samuel has finally been (almost) trained to behave appropriately around other people's Lego creations. He knows not to destroy them, and now has the dexterity not to! And he knows he has to ask before taking any men that might be in use by someone else even though that person doesn't have the men in their hand right this instant. Very tricky to teach, that last one. So unfortunately for Lane, I think Lydia has a long way to go. How is Toby with Lane's creations?

At least we have a lock on the door that can only be opened by an adult or by a tall child standing on a chair. It's a small bolt at the top. So Sam cannot get into the room without permission.

And yes, that is an interesting observation about the plural s - when to use, when not to use. I loved that you put talk in brackets when you wrote visit on your last comment. So helpful for translating!