Tuesday, 13 September 2011

John Piper at Oxygen 11

John Piper speaking:In his first sermon, titled "God's passion for His glory", Piper showed that from predestination to consummation, God does everything for His glory. Piper was frank about the difficulty this poses for many people as they presume God's divine summons for us to praise Him show that He is "like a vain woman demanding compliments" (as thought CS Lewis, prior to his conversion). With a thorough tour of the Bible, Piper showed us that God is passionate for His own glory above all things. He answered the difficulty by explaining to us that God is the one being in the universe for whom self-exhaltation is a loving act, a joyous act. This is because God is entirely perfect, and so is better than everything else. Praise of God is a necessity arising from God's supreme, infinite worth. LORD, Make me an instrument of your magnification so that people will not think You are small, but will see You as You are: Amazing, Wonderful, Alpha and Omega! Amen.

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