Saturday, 22 September 2007

Weekly Report #1

I am adding penmanship to Joshua's reading program, Grapho-Phonix, and some days he traces his list of five or six words quickly and neatly while other days he whinges and complains. Diligence at his tasks is something we are working on in all areas of life, not just homeschool. Then some days he comes up with absolute gems. At the end of last week, I gave him his penmanship on the magnetic Megasketcher and he loved it: Then yesterday morning I woke up to "Mummy, Mummy, look what I've done!" and a piece of paper shoved in my face:

Joshua had pulled out our alphabet poster (which we still haven't stuck up anywhere 9 months after we started homeschool Kindergarten) and copied the upper case letters very carefully all by himself. Many of these letters we haven't studied yet, because the reading program I use introduces a selection of letters from the basic code and then words with those letters, before introducing other letters. The K that he had trouble with and the Q that he wrote perfectly both fall into this category. I was very pleased when I saw his careful efforts, especially because it was completely self-motivated 'work'.

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