Monday, 29 September 2008

Entrepreneurial adventures

Joshua has really enjoyed attending Anchor Boys this last term. Each night, there is a short devotion, which is part object lesson and part Bible story with application. The entire term their Skipper has been focusing on the idea that, despite being young, they are all able to serve God. The last week of term the topic was "Serving God with our money". Joshua has never really had any money of his own (we don't give pocket money). But full of the idea that if he had some, he could use his own money to serve God, this week Joshua decided to earn some money of his own. He was all ready to collect his earnings as the boys had made simple money boxes in the craft time at Anchor Boys that night.

So he has been collecting lemons from our tree and this Saturday, he and I went door to door down our street, offering "fresh, homegrown lemons" for sale for 20 cents. Surprisingly, not only did everyone who answered their door buy at least one lemon, we also had people give more than the asking price. One gentleman even gave him one dollar extra for his enterprising spirit! (It was a great opportunity for me to introduce myself to a few people who have moved into our street in the last few months as well.) Having also sold a few lemons to some of our dinner guests from Friday, Joshua earned $4.25 in his first week!

During the week Joshua had also made some envelopes in which to place his offering for church. On Sunday morning, we counted his money with him and explained how to work out what was reasonable to give: 10 cents for every (whole) dollar. We explained that God does not want us to give beyond our means and leave us destitute, but neither does He want us to be stingy with money that has, originally, come from Him. So Joshua worked out he would give 40 cents, and selected four 10 cent coins. He then wrote from Joshua to God on his envelope, drew a flower on it as well, placed his coins inside, and carefully stuck it together with sticky tape.
When we got to church on Sunday, there was some impatience! After almost every song or prayer I heard a whispered, "Is it time for the offering yet?" from either Joshua or the keenly watching Anna. When the offering bag finally came around, Joshua was very pleased with himself as he placed his envelope into the bag. And I was very proud of my little boy who has shown his desire to earn money so that he can gift it back to His God.


Mrs. Edwards said...

That's great! It is thrilling to see God working directly in his heart.

I smiled when I read, "So he has been collecting lemons from our tree..." Yes, what else to do when you need to earn money? (We're in Kansas--no chance of lemon trees here!!) What a lovely climate you must have and I wonder if you even stop to think about it?

Rhonda said...

That is so precious! Wonderful of him to think of ways to give to God.