Sunday, 7 September 2008

Happy Father's Day Jeffrey

Did you know Emperor Penguin fathers are the ones who look after the egg and the tiny young, while the mothers go off to sea to find food?The mothers are away for an amazing two months before they return and the fathers can go and get their first meal.I am very thankful to my amazing husband Jeffrey for the feats he performs on behalf of our family. Not quite in the order of the Emperor Penguins, but every bit as special and necessary in their way.

(Images from the Australian Antarctic Division.)


Beth said...

I just stumbled in and really appreciate your thoughtful posts of late. I love the quotes you have on your blog. As time allows I will be back.


Sharon said...

Thanks for visiting and for the compliment, Beth. I found your blog today, actually. I was admiring the pictures of books you have. I was just about to leave a comment but my baby turned off the computer at the wall and I decided that was enough blogging for one day! I'm glad you left a comment as I hadn't got around to bookmarking your site and now I can.
~ Sharon

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Hi Sharon,
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog...I'll be sure to check yours out.

Sharon said...

Hi Katrina. Thanks for stopping by.
~ Sharon

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful post to your husband. He is very blessed to have you.