Monday, 8 September 2008

Mothering monotony

I spent one and a half hours today sewing two badges onto Joshua's Anchor Boys uniform. One for the hat and one for the shirt. I'm not a good sewer (I mostly only do buttons) and I don't even own a sewing machine. But I could not have imagined that this would take so long! I'm glad I had decided to give myself a reward for finishing (Guylian chocolates) otherwise I never would have managed it.Yes, I already noticed it's wonky. About half way through the second side, but by then I knew there was no going back.

I now have a much much better understanding of all the work my mother did on my behalf when I was a kid. I was in Brownies, Guides, GFS (Girls' Friendly Society) and also competed at state and interstate badge events for our family sport of Orienteering. It's a matter of irony that the longer I am a mother, the more I appreciate my own mum. (Yes, I already said thank you to her.)


Mrs. Edwards said...

I, too, did not turn out to be a seamstress. My mother is an excellent one. Evidently there are fewer and fewer people who bother sewing because our AWANA program gave up on patches and now gives pins. What a relief!

Ruth said...

It looks great! Well done... it was definitely worth a chocolate :-)

Ruth xx

mom24 said...

"Wonky?" I love that word! But I wouldn't have noticed unless you told us! I used to sew a little but don't have the time anymore and wouldn't enjoy putting on patches. Glad you perservered!

Alison L said...

I'm showing my ignorance but what are the Anchor Boys?

I hope you had a great time in Albany.

We are off to NSW and SA on Monday for a two week break