Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Just bragging... and a health update

As of this morning, I have lost over 20kg in just over a year, since I began my quest to return to the weight I was before I gave birth to four children in four years. That's 44 pounds, for my friends in the US. My weight has been hovering up and down for the last few months, but I have finally broken the barrier of my previous weight loss low. *Doing a happy dance*

Although, while I am on the topic of health, yesterday Jeff was diagnosed with mild asthma (he had juvenile asthma as a child) and Abigail was diagnosed with "yes, that's definitely an asthma wheeze". (And I was prescribed a course of prednisolone to help my preventer medication to work better.) So the current status is 5 out of 6 of our family members have been diagnosed with asthma in the last three months. 4 out of 6 have non-mild (but still readily manageable) asthma. Now we just have to get Anna to the doctor, as I suspect she has it as well.

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