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Philippians 3 kids' story & colouring picture

Paul and Timothy wrote to the church in Philippi
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Paul forgot what was behind and pressed on heavenward in Christ Jesus - Philippians 3
[This illustration is an original drawing by my dear friend "Chrissie D", one of the ladies from our church fellowship. Isn't she talented? I have only uploaded a 200x283pixel image, because although I think her drawing is wonderful, she owns the copyright, not me. If you love it and would like to use it with your own children or in a church kids ministry, please leave a comment. I'll ask "Chrissie D" if she wants to allow a full image to be available for download to interested parties, and get back to you.]

Do you remember the letter that Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi?

In the letter, Paul told the Philippians how they should live. He also told them all about how he was living. Paul told the Philippians what he thought about his past, and how much he was looking forward to his future with Jesus.

Paul told the Philippians that before he became a Christian, he had put his trust in all sorts of things. Paul was an Israelite (that is, a Jew), and he had been well known for his passion for keeping the Jewish Law. Back then, Paul had thought the important thing was to be the son of a son of a son of a long line of sons descended from the first fathers of Israel, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Paul thought that was the only way to be one of God’s chosen people.

But now that Paul knew about Jesus Christ, Paul didn’t think those things were important any more. He knew there is only one way to belong to God’s chosen people. It isn’t anything to do with things we might think make a person important. Having lots of money or even treasure doesn’t make you important to God. Being very clever, or very beautiful, or being able to tell the best stories or run the fastest in a race doesn’t make God love you.

God loves Christians, who believe and trust in Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Paul knew that being a Jew wasn’t important any longer, even though it had been in the past. What the Jews had been looking forward to, all the years they had lived in and out of the Promised Land, had now come true! God had sent His Son Jesus to be our Saviour. Being a follower of Jesus Christ will always be important in God’s opinion.

So Paul told the Philippians he wasn’t paying attention to all those things he had thought were important before. Paul said he forgot what was behind him.

Paul wrote to the Philippians that the only thing that was important to him now, was how fantastic it was to know that Jesus was his Lord and King. Paul wrote that he pressed onward to take hold of Jesus’ promises. He wrote that he stretched forward towards heaven, where he knew Jesus was waiting for him. Paul knew that Jesus would keep His promise to return one day and make all Christians perfect and glorious.

Paul told the Philippians to follow his example. And we should, as well.

:: God wants Christians to focus on Jesus and the promised glories of heaven.

> We can forget about the things other people think are important.
> We can look forward to being with Jesus and pleasing Him.


lynda said...

Thank you. I needed to teach this.

Sharon said...

If you'd like a picture, let me know your email address and I'll email it to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lesson. I will teach it during my Sunday school class.
God bless you.

Sharon said...

You are welcome Joanne, I am glad I can be a help to you and you class.