Thursday, 26 November 2009

Philippians 2 kids' story & colouring picture

Paul and Timothy wrote to the church in Philippi
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Paul wanted Christians to work together in love, without complaining - Philippians 2
[This illustration is an original drawing by my dear friend "Chrissie D", one of the ladies from our church fellowship. Isn't she talented? I have only uploaded a 200x235pixel image, because although I think her drawing is wonderful, she owns the copyright, not me. If you love it and would like to use it with your own children or in a church kids ministry, please leave a comment. I'll ask "Chrissie D" if she wants to allow a full image to be available for download to interested parties, and get back to you.]

Do you remember the letter that Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi?

In the letter, Paul told the Philippians how they should live. He didn’t tell them all the things they should do in one big list. He didn’t tell them, “Get dressed each morning and then make your beds before you have breakfast.” Oh no! Paul knew that the Philippians already knew to do all those sorts of things.

But Paul wanted to teach the Philippians about the way they should treat other Christians, Paul wrote to the Philippians about how they should behave towards each other.

One of the things Paul wrote was that the Philippian Christians should be “like-minded”. Paul didn’t want them to argue. Paul wanted Christians to believe the same things about God, so that they would agree about other things. Then Christians would work together. Paul wrote that the Holy Spirit would help them to be united, to work together as one.
What do you do together with your friends? Do you argue, or try to agree?

Paul also wrote that the Philippian Christians should have the same love. Paul meant that they should all love God, our Father in Heaven. And they should all love Jesus Christ, God’s Son. And they should also love all the other Christians. That’s a lot of love! Paul knew that if Christians love God with all their hearts, then they also love each other.
Who do you love? How do you show them you love them?

Paul wrote one more thing. Paul didn’t want Christians to be selfish. Paul wrote that the Philippian Christians should always be thinking about other people, and what was good for them. Paul wanted the Christians to be like Jesus Christ! Paul told the Philippians Christians that they should not complain, nor whinge, nor grumble. Paul told them something amazing. He wrote that when other people saw how they didn’t complain, it would be as if they were shining like stars! Their love for each other would shine out, and other people would praise God because of it.
What could you do instead of complaining?

:: God wants Christians to work together in love, without complaining.

> We can choose to agree, rather than arguing.
> We can love God and love each other.
> When we think of others and don’t complain, we will be like shining stars!


BethanP said...

Hey, I would love a copy of that Philippians 2 picture, if your friend is willing?

Sharon said...

Hi BethanP,
Send me an emai to and I will email it back to you.
Grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

I had not read the comment under the picture, I hope she is willing to share with us as well. She is very talented, using that talent for God! Just wonderful!!