Friday, 6 November 2009

I'm not dead

But I haven't been blogging either, as I thank you for noticing, Meredith. I think the summer series of TV shows is to blame... I hate to admit it, but Jeff and I have been having a fabulous time watching "Bones" on Sundays and "The Mentalist" on Mondays and "NCIS" and "Lie to Me" on Tuesdays and "Burn Notice" on Thursdays... (Isn't it handy that the nights one or both of us is busy with a Bible Study home group are Wednesdays and Fridays?)

Okay, I know, you've lost all respect for me.

Sorry about that. Sometimes I just blurt out the truth on this blog!

In my defense, I'm also reading CS Lewis's Cosmic Trilogy, and was up just past midnight last night finishing the second book, Perelandra. I've just begun reading That Hideous Strength this afternoon, after a nap to recover from our family trip to the zoo for four hours today. I was going to blog about the series but it is just too good to stop reading to write about!


Mrs. Edwards said...

Mr. Edwards and I used to watch NCIS, but with our evening school year schedule, and kids that have grown out of a 7-7:30 bedtime, we don't get to it any more.

Have you read the sci-fi trilogy before? I read "Out of the Silent Planet" as an older teen. Then I read "Perelandra" and "That Hideous Strength" for a class at Wheaton. I've re-read "That Hideous Strength" since then and found it very, very interesting and insightful. I haven't revisited "Perelandra" since college, however, and that sounds like something I should do.

Last year Hope and Sydney read Heidi for literature. It really is a good story and full of Christian elements.

argsmommy said...

You've been missed! I'm not much into TV right now, but come January when LOST returns, it will be a different story. We plan our schedules around that show. : ) Enjoy your reading! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the Cosmic Trilogy.

mom24 said...

This is what happens to me too so don't think I've lost any respect for you! Most people aren't honest enough anyway.

I find that I tend to go in waves with the tube. If I have a break (from school or a holiday) I find myself drawn into this or that show and feel like I'm missing it. But then I'll have some deadline or party or something that requires that I skip the tv for more than a few days and soon I'm not missing it anymore.

I would prefer that I didn't watch it, as I usually feel like I've wasted time when I do. But I also feel so exhausted at times that I just want to vegetate - lol!

Right now I'm into the Mentalist andthe Office but with my computer geeky hubby, I can now watch them anytime on my laptop. That helps me A LOT with time management!

It's good to be in a good book though so hope you enjoy blogging about your latest reads!


Meredith said...

Great to hear that you are still alive Sharon! As I left that comment I felt I was potentially crossing a line.

On one side is BLOGGING WITHOUT OBLIGATION which I applaud!!! You may have noticed I have been leaving comments all over the place as various bloggers have decided to go a little easier with their blogging. So it felt somewhat hypocritical to leave such a comment on your blog. Especially as you have the Blogging without Obligation button on your sidebar.

But on the other side there is readerly concern - and given the number of times you've visited Princess Margaret Hospital this year I was wondering if everything was OK. I am glad, reading these comments, that you have been missed by others too, which is not surprising. I hope you are encouraged.

That said, great to hear that all is good and off you pop now back to your books and enjoying some down time with Jeff. All good!!

Television confession? Well, apart from ABC Kids, I'm not watching a lot of "live" television. But you may remember earlier this year I gave up "The Bill" and started watching "West Wing" DVDs. COMPLETELY HOOKED!! Onto the third series already (there are 22 or 23 episodes every series) and wondering where I can access grief counselling when I get to the end of the seventh series. Or maybe I just go back to the beginning and start again...

Mrs. Edwards said...

We watched the West Wing in the early years, but after awhile I couldn't stomach the blatant politics of the show. (I know they tried to be balanced, but...) It makes me wonder how it comes across to a non-American. Actually, this whole conversation reminds me how much Hollywood shapes the world's perception of my country--something I'm not happy about! :)

Sharon said...

Aha! Now I know what I have to do to get all my dear readers to leave lovely long friendly comments on my blog... not post for a fortnight!

Seriously, I am terribly envious of you Andrea, being able to watch "The Office". Jeff and I have the first four seasons on DVD, ending with the episode where the wrong guy proposes. It is terrible to have to wait until the fifth season episodes come out on DVD or on TV here! I don't think we can even download episodes because "they" (somehow - rather spookily) know we are in Australia and haven't seen it on commercial TV yet so they won't let us.

Amy, I have not read The Cosmic Trilogy before, though it has been on my shelf since last Christmas or so. I am finding it fascinating, and also quite hilarious in a dark kind of way. That Hideous Strength seems (so far) to be eerily on the mark with the conversations in committee-speak where absolutely no-one knows exactly where they stand and are hence able to be convinced to do things they would never normally agree to. I must post about them when I am finished. I don't know how you didn't go on reading the rest of the series after you read the first one as a teen. I was very glad to have the whole set to just pick up the next one when the previous one was read.

Kellie, I don't watch "Lost" because we didn't have a TV when it first started, but my BIL and SIL love it and watch every episode. But I must say, if I hadn't missed so much, I do think I would like to watch it all from the beginning.

Our best Christmas present last year was a thingy-ma-jig (software thing? hardware thing? I am such an EX computing teacher!) that allows us to record TV shows on our computer and then skip through the ads etc. All it takes is clicking on one radio button on the TV program schedule and it is there when I want it. Although, NCIS starts at 8:30pm here anyway, well after all our kids are in bed. We don't have anything that would get an M rating (other than the news) on TV here in Australia before 8:30pm.

Thank you for your kind comment Meredith. It was nice to know someone missed me, and I didn't feel compelled to write the long post that has been growing within me, you'll notice.

I am also being the honorary chair of the Perth Children's Ministry Convention committee for the next few months, and that has taken a bit of my free time away as well. And did I mention that I'm teaching a Sunday School class during November as well?

No trips to PMH, but Sam (our almost-three year old) has been diagnosed with asthma as well, and Joshua had another attack today... I guess I am just getting better at recognising the signs, getting (or giving) treatment, and getting on with life.

Love to all of you!

~ Sharon

Meredith said... are amazing. I just don't know how you fit it all in. Good of you take on the chair for PCC. And sorry to hear about Sam. I guess too that this is a bad time of year for asthma. I know that hayfever is bad for those affected this year - from personal experience as well as from what I've heard from others. Good that you are getting better at managing it. Well done.

Amy - thanks so much for your comment about West Wing. (Is it kosher to have a conversation with a fellow comment writer on someone else's blog?) I know very little about American politics and how the electoral process runs so I have absolutely nothing on which to make a judgment. So thanks for you comment - I shall endeavour to be a little more discerning and maybe even do a little research.

Certainly I have many friends here in Australia who watched West Wing as it unfolded when it was showing on TV and loved every minute of it. And it would probably be fair to say that most outside of America won't pick up on the "blatant politics" which won't be of any comfort to you...but does at least answer your question.

Sharon said...

Er, yes, there are days when I don't know how I fit it all in! Tomorrow is going to be very, very hectic. ~ Sharon
PS Feel free to have conversations with the other commenters on my blog, I'm not going to complain!