Friday, 13 November 2009

Sam, as Unusual

Samuel loves to dress up. He loves to wear gloves: we have seen him wearing gardening gloves, woolen winter gloves, kitchen mits, other children's gloves that he has found while playing at other homes, the karate hand protectors and of course all manner of socks. Samuel also loves to wear hats and masks. For example, on Wednesday night he took a monkey mask to bed, rather than a book. Since Samuel has gone back to sucking his thumb, we have gone back to coating both of them with chilli juice, a most effective deterrent where he is concerned. Now Sam plays with both ears, rather than the usual one ear + suck thumb combination. Here is a photo of Samuel playing with both ears the not-so-comfortable way:Here Samuel is wearing another face mask (remember this?), this time a scrap of sample material from my bride's maid's stoles. Combined with his sister's raincoat, it makes a fetching combination for a sultry Spring day, don't you think?And this one is just Samuel being odd. This face "mask" is actually a pretty Indonesian purse that Grandpa gave to one of the girls a few Christmases back, open and with the handles over his ears.That's our Sam - what is "as usual" for him, may perhaps be considered unusual for the rest of us. But one could never fault him for a lack of imagniation!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

That's great!

I've been think a bit lately about why some kids (like mine and yours) are so taken with reading and books and others can't be persuaded to read a book. I think it goes beyond the mechanics of reading, because some kids simply can't sit and enjoy a good story. I think I'll write a post about this (it ties into a book review I read about getting children to read), but in the meantime...

Sam will love to read books and stories (I'm sure he already loves stories, of course)! Rich imaginations are the fruit of good stories--and good stories in turn sow rich imaginations when parents encourage and are proud of pretend play. I'm convinced that active pretend play is closely linked with a love for reading. (Mind you, this is purely my opinion, no sociological research or studies to prove it!)

So--Way to go, Sam! I can tell that you love to pretend and that your mind is chock full of ideas feeding your imagination!