Thursday, 26 November 2009

Toilet Training Sammy

I know it is not going to fascinate everyone who reads this blog, but I want to record how Sam's toilet training is progressing for posterity. Please feel free to ignore this post if the intricacies of toilet training do not appeal.

I've been waiting for a good time to begin, and this week, now Anna is at away-school and the weather is warming back up again, seems as good a time as any.

We began with the frequent trips to the toile, mini chocolate rewards for dry and clean undies, and a further reward for wee in the toilet. Sam began the day with three accidents in his brand new (well, second hand) bog boy undies. The fourth time he got as far as the toilet room before weeing on the floor. I count that as a success. After that, from 9:30am onwards, Sam was dry all day, with all wee in the toilet. Including being dry through his afternoon nap! This was a completely unexpected development, as it has never happened before.

After one accident first thing after breakfast, I took Sam on the school run to drop off Joshua and Anna. He made it all the way there and through a short trip to the shops to buy nappy undies before wetting his pants on the 2min drive to mainly music at church. Alas! After transferring Sam into a new pair of nappy undies, we joined in the mainly music program, to Sam's delight. (Normally we are at BSF on Wednesday mornings, so we miss out.) Sam stayed dry throughout the morning, including asking me to take him to the church toilet and even taking himself on one occasion. Actually, Sam stayed dry throughout almost the entire day, including his nap, again. After his nap, he astonished me with doing a poo in the toilet as well. Hooray! We took Sam to the shops for the requisite donut reward (a family tradition since Josh struggled so much with doing poos anywhere other than his undies). Sam had one accident in the evening, but it seemed like he was going very well.

This morning was hectic; I woke up at 6:50am realising that both of the kids' school uniforms were still wet (albeit clean) in the washing machine since I forgot to hang them up last night. So I began the morning taking care of that (it was sunny & the uniforms dried in the hour before the kids had to leave) and forgot Sam's toilet training with the rest of the pre-school rush. (Ugh!) Sam had four accidents before I was able to give him enough attention to get him back on track. And then he was in with the other kids at Women's Gathering this morning of course, happily in nappy undies since he did not keep them dry. I took him home for lunch and since then he has stayed dry, including his nap and another trip to school to pick up the bigger kids. A little bit of my attention to frequency of his trips to the "littlest room" and he seems to be able to keep the ball rolling, so to speak.

But tomorrow is another day. At least we will be at home all day. We'll see how Sam continues. He has already chosen a Batman dress up costume for his 3 Days Completely Dry and Clean Reward, whenever he earns it.


Meredith said...

Well done Sam and WELL DONE SHARON!!!
We just got N toilet trained a month or two ago (such bliss to have no more nappies!!) and we took him to the toy shop and he chose an astronaut suit.

I hope today has gone well. A stay at home day always helps.

mom24 said...

Toilet training is so crazy with having multiple kids. Keep up the good work and more consistency will come soon!