Thursday, 19 November 2009

Women's Gathering Group Photo

Since I recently posted the questions on Philippians 1 from our Women's Gathering Bible Study this week, I thought I would post a photo of our ladies as well. This is our Women's Gathering group back in August:This is one of the few pictures on this blog with me in it... I am in the middle at the back, wearing a blue vest if you can't pick me straight away.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Thanks for sharing the picture. What a sweet group of women joining together to study God's Word!

Sharon said...

One of the amazing things for me is that, of the ten women who are meeting regularly this term, six (including myself) are new to our church fellowship, having started attending only in the last year or so. It is great to realise that God has brought all these women to our local church and one of the reasons is so we can study the Bible together!
~ Sharon