Saturday, 14 November 2009

Jeff with his "Babies"

I couldn't resist taking this photo when I saw Jeff taking out the pram for a walk this morning...That's a bag of woodworking tools up on top. He's taking the wood and tools to our church to help some of the men to build a new sound desk.

PS Isn't our shed wonderfully huge in the background of this shot?

When we first saw photos of this house, I might have been a bit taken with the idea of a library-cum-study and a playroom right next to it. I still am! But I think Jeff fell in love with the idea of a massive workshop the first time we did a drive-by and saw the shed through the carport's open roller doors.

(From my photo archives)
Jeff at work inside his shed/workshop:
Thank you God for blessing us with such a lovely house with so many places that perfectly match our hobbies and interests! Amen.

PPS (Another from the archives)
Our first double pram seeing active use in London:

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Meredith said...

I love that last photo. Look at all those children all bundled up!! You are indeed the intrepid explorers. Great photo.