Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Anna's First Day at (Away) School

(Monday, 9 November 2009. Abigail's First Day being Big Girl in Homeschool will be reported on Friday-ish in a Weekly Report.)
"You can go home now, Daddy. I don't need you any more." ~ around 10am
(Glad I didn't go to help her through her first day, or she might have said that to me!)

The bad stuff:
Very tired and grumpy afterwards.

The good stuff:
Very happy and excited and full of news about how she
sang songs
and listened to stories
and painted a picture
and was given a picture letter from another child
and played with toys
and learnt about China
and played outside
and ate mango for morning tea
and found friends to play with even when the two girls she already knew didn't want to play with her.

The best stuff:
Cuddles with my daughter afterwards
and knowing she wants to go back for another day.

Deuteronomy 33:26
There is no one like the God of the upright one,
Who rides on the heavens to help you [Anna]
and on the clouds in His Majesty.


argsmommy said...

So glad it went well! She's darling!

Mrs. Edwards said...

I know I'm forever confused about your school year; does this mean that Joshua has moved up a grade level and began a new school year? Anna looks very tired in her "after" picture! What a draining first day, but draining in a good sense, I should think. You must be very proud of your sweet young lady!

Sharon said...


Thanks for the compliment. I must admit I was relieved to hear it went so well also.

I am very proud of Anna, and impressed with her resilience. This morning when we got to school we found that her classroom had been broken into overnight and thieves had taken one of the classroom computers. After a little encouragement, she was fine going into the kindy classroom where her teacher was waiting. The change of room only gave her a momentary pause, and she had a great day. I am so very thankful to God for being her help and shield, just as He is mine! Today she was much less tired than on Monday and Tuesday after school as well, so that was good to see.

Wednesday was the last day of the BSF Children's Program for the year (next week we have Sharing Day), so she came to that for a shorter day to break up the pressure of her first week. It is amazing to think that Anna has been in the BSF pre-school program for 3 3/4 years!


No, this is not the beginning of a new school year. It is actually the middle of the last (fourth) term. We are letting Anna have five weeks of "practise" at away-school, so she has a better idea of what to expect when she begins her legally compulsory schooling years with Grade 1 in 2010, and thus hopefully more confidence.

Our school years go by the calendar, beginning at the end of January, with 4x10-week terms interspersed with 2-week holidays through until mid November, when schools break up for the longer Christmas holidays.

~ Sharon

mom24 said...

Heavens, I just can't keep up with your posts! Reading less AND bloggin less. I don't think I realized that Anna was also headed to 'away' school. So glad that she had fun but I understand the tiredness - that was the hardest thing for Jason too. He would get to Thurs and get all weepy by 7pm about nothing at all and I realized that the long days jsut wore him out.
It can be a bit of an adjustment but with much prayer she'll have so much fun and learn so very much! It's nice to start her late in the year to let her see what next year will be like.
I plan to catch your Friday-ish posts since you are so much more constitent with your blog than I am mine!