Sunday, 8 November 2009

I have an asseveration to make:

(If you don't understand what that title meant, you could read the first bit of my last post. If you care. Otherwise feel free to just read on...)

Tomorrow is Anna's first day of Pre-Primary at "Away-School".

Tomorrow is Abigail's first day of being the Big Girl of our Home School, Equip Academy.

Deep breath. Deep, deep breath.

I'm not going with Anna, Jeff is. We decided it was important that I be here as the home school teacher making Abigail's first day of Big Girl status go well and impressively (for her), whereas it won't make much difference to Anna whether it is Jeff's or my presence in the background as she settles in to classroom learning. But I know it will be hard to wait to find out how her day goes.

Mixed in with this, we also need to somehow fit in:
(1) Purchasing Anna's school hat from the uniform shop 20 min drive away ("no hat, no outside play" is a school rule) since I have somehow forgot to do that before now.
(2) Dropping Jeff's dad off at the airport and saying goodbye to him as he flies off to visit his newest grandchild, our nephew Jonathan and his parents, Jeff's brother Andrew and his wife Kim.
(3) Meeting with B, who is leading our Women's Gathering this week for the first time, learning to step in so that I will have a trained substitute leader when I need one.
(4) Collecting Joshua and Anna from school and chatting with Anna about her First Day.
(5) Getting Anna ready for Girls' Brigades and taking Joshua to Boys' Brigades, where I will go for a much-needed exercise walk with another Brigades mum.
(6) Relaxing with my dear darling husband.

Feel free to pray for us and our day!

O LORD, You are my Father in Heaven, who sees all that I plan to do, promise to do, and also the few of those things that I do actually do. Please be with me tomorrow, holding me in the palm of your hand. Protect me from fear and worry. Keep me sane! Remind me that I do all things for your glory, not my own. May your will be done tomorrow, not mine. Amen.


Meredith said...

That is a big day. You are in my prayers. May God bless you all richly in this new day and may He be a comfort to each of you in all that is new for each of you this day.

argsmommy said...

Wow - what a big day! I will be praying for you all. So is Joshua excited about having his little sister at school with him?

mom24 said...

That's a lot on your plate but you have our prayers too!

Michael said...

My neices and nephews are all growing up - and it's all happening so quickly.

Meredith said...

Without applying any pressure what so ever for you to blog, how did it all go? How has everyone fared in this big week in your family?