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Philippians 4 kids' story & colouring picture

Paul and Timothy wrote to the church in Philippi
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Paul was thankful for the Philippians' kind gifts to him - Philippians 4
[This illustration is an original drawing by my dear friend "Chrissie D", one of the ladies from our church fellowship. Isn't she talented? I have only uploaded a 200x313pixel image, because although I think her drawing is wonderful, she owns the copyright, not me. If you love it and would like to use it with your own children or in a church kids ministry, please leave a comment. I'll ask "Chrissie D" if she wants to allow a full image to be available for download to interested parties, and get back to you.]

Do you remember the letter that Paul wrote to the Christians in Philippi?

In the letter, Paul told the Christians about how they should live. Paul also thanked them for all that they had been doing, especially the help that the Philippians had given to him.

Do you remember how Paul was in chains in jail?

People who are in jail are stuck in one place. Paul couldn’t get out of jail to go to the shops for a loaf of bread, some meat, fruit, or vegetables if he was hungry. Paul couldn’t leave the jail to buy new clothes when his clothes were worn out, or to buy blankets to keep him warm, either. And with all the letters Paul wrote while he was in jail, he needed paper and writing tools as well!

So because Paul couldn’t go to the shops, Paul’s friends, like Timothy, had to buy these things for him. Paul’s friends brought the things he needed to Paul while he was in jail.

But because Paul was in jail, he couldn’t work to earn any money! So once again, Paul’s friends helped him, by giving him gifts that probably included money to buy what he needed.

It wasn’t just Paul’s friends who were nearby who helped him, either. The Philippian church had helped Paul in the past, when he had travelled to a place called Thessalonica, to tell people there about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And now the Philippians had helped Paul again! Even though Paul was in jail a long way away from Philippi, the church had known that Paul would need help. They had made a collection of gifts, and given them to a man named Epaphroditus to take to Paul. Epaphroditus had travelled a long way to get to Paul, and he had become very sick on the way. But in the end, Epaphroditus had reached Paul at the jail, and given Paul all the gifts from the Philippians.

Paul was very grateful for the gifts Epaphroditus had brought. He wrote in his letter to the Philippians how thankful he was that God had supplied everything he needed, through their generous gifts. Paul wrote his letter to say thank you to the Philippians for all they had done for him, and to tell them that God would surely give them all they needed as well.

:: God uses Christians to help other Christians, supplying all we need.

> We can help other Christians.
> We can pray for Christians in trouble.
> We can send gifts to help Christians in need.

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