Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mowing the lawn, country style

Jeff borrowed a ride-on lawn mower from one of the church families, and I took it for a "spin" in the back and front yards.

It definitely sped up the mowing process, but then I spent another hour raking the clippings into piles and spreading them in our chicken coop for the chooks to enjoy. Having gradually scratched their coop down to very bare dirt, they appreciate having something to pick through other than kitchen scraps.


Mrs. Edwards said...

Awesome John Deere. Way to go, Sharon! I've never driven a riding mower; it looks like fun. How do you like having chickens?

Sharon said...

*Love* the chickens! We haven't had to buy eggs since we moved here, and we have two egg-based meals a week at lease, not counting the eggs we use in cooking.

Our kitchen garden is also providing all the lettuce and spinach we need at the moment, as well as some herbs. Jeff is planning to put in a few more raised beds so we can provide even more of our own fresh food.

It is great having such a big back yard to fit all these productive spaces, as well as the play spaces.