Saturday, 8 September 2012

School Athletics Carnival

The day began with instructions for turbo jav:

Sam wasn't exactly a 'natural':

But he gave it his best shot:

Anna tried hard as well:

Joshua, meanwhile, has not inherited my enthusiasm for the triple jump:

Samuel loved the running races:

At which Abigail also put in a good effort:

Until she was distracted by her friends in the other lanes!

Anna tried very hard in an extremely close race:

And Joshua gave his best as well:

After lunch, the junior tug-of-war was won by gold, with three of the eight gold pullers coming from our family - against a team of 12 from red!

Joshua also helped the intermediate gold team succeed in their tug.

The kids also all competed in the flag races and relays.

My kids received a few prizes:

(You can see their ribbon collections decorating shirt fronts in some of the race photos.)

Meanwhile Jeff provided commentary, only a little biased towards our kids' team.

And I timed the races, cheering on every kid whose name I knew.

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